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Advantages and market prospects of wastewater treatment bioreactor
Author: Chongqing water treatment equipment Time: 2022-11-19
  Water resource is an important and indispensable resource for human survival。The depletion of water resources and the serious pollution of water resources have become the most troublesome problem for people, and have also awakened the alarm of rational use of water resources。With the acceleration of economic and social development, the production and living sewage treatment has an increasingly important strategic significance for the sustainable development of China's economic and social Sustainable development is the theme of the 21st century development。
  In the field of sewage treatment and water resource reuse, MBR, also known as membrane bioreactor, is a new water treatment technology that combines membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit。There are many kinds of membranes, which can be divided into reaction membrane, ion exchange membrane and permeation membrane according to the separation mechanism.According to the nature of the film is divided into natural film (biological film) and synthetic film (organic film and inorganic film);According to the structure type of the membrane can be divided into plate type, tube type, spiral type and hollow fiber type。Due to the efficient separation of the membrane, the water quality and stability of the effluent are better than that of the traditional sedimentation tank。After treatment, the effluent is clear to the bottom, the suspended matter and turbidity are close to zero, the bacteria and viruses are basically removed, and the effluent water quality is better than the "Domestic miscellaneous Water Quality Standard" issued by the Ministry of Construction (cj25.1-89), which can be directly reused as non-potable municipal water。
  Secondly, the residual sludge production is small, the reverse osmosis wastewater reuse process can operate under high volume load and low sludge load, and the residual sludge production is low (theoretically, zero sludge discharge can be achieved), which reduces the sludge treatment cost。
  III.Small footprint, not limited by setting occasions;
  The bioreactor can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms, a large volume load of the treatment unit, and a large footprint.The process is simple, compact, small footprint, is not limited by the setting place, suitable for any occasion, can be divided into ground type, semi-underground type and underground type。
  IV.Because the microorganisms are completely blocked in the bioreactor, ammonia nitrogen and difficult to degrade organic matter can be removed, which is conducive to the interception and growth of slow-growing microorganisms such as nitrifying bacteria, and improve the nitrification efficiency of the system。
  v.The operation management is convenient, easy to realize automatic control, HRT and SRT are completely separated, and the operation control is more flexible and stable。It is a new technology of sewage treatment equipment, which is easy to realize. It can realize automatic control by microcomputer and make operation and management more convenient。
  VI.The process is easy to transform, can be used as the advanced treatment unit of traditional sewage treatment process, and has broad application prospects in the field of advanced treatment of effluent from urban secondary sewage treatment plants.。
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