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Chongqing Haiflong water treatment equipment Co., LTD
Sales one: 13983755685 Manager He
Sales two: 13883803778 Manager Fan
Office phone: 023-68061852
Company address: Jiulongpo District, Chongqing Jinke electromechanical City B District 33 building 58

Corporate advantage
Professional control technology
Years of technical precipitation, Haferon condensed into a unique professional control technology。

High standard design
3D design is adopted and hydrodynamic optimization is followed。

High-end configuration
Stainless steel, imported raw materials。

Humanized operation
Man-machine interface operation, less parameters, simple operation。

Powerful function
Advanced remote monitoring technology and burst pipe shutdown function, six time division pressure water supply mode。
After-sales worry-free guarantee delivery, quality assurance, and regular inspection to ensure the normal operation of equipment